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Hi! Welcome to LongDog Leather where we outfit your sighthounds in cool leather gear.

Some of the items we make include:

  • Leather wrap around tagbags
  • Leather bolo tag necklaces
  • Leather leashes 
  • Leather gifts for people
  • Ready to wear leather martingale collars (custom sizing only)
  • Italian Greyhound or Whippet sized Collars

LongDog Leather Works is a small family operation run in addition to our full time jobs and family life. Because of "real life" we find ourselves only having time on weekends to work on LDL. We take great pride in our custom hand made work but a quality product takes time. Please be advised that we will complete orders as quickly as possible.

We are moving our sales over to our Etsy platform.  We will be adding more ready to mail stock over time.   Not all available stock will be listed on Etsy so feel free to inquire if you don't see what you need.
Thanks, Maureen

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