Photo Gallery of Happy Hound Customers

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The collar arrived today--it''s GREAT!  Zoe looks like quite the fashion diva in her new collar. 
Thanks! Susan

Hi Maureen, Just wanted you to know I recieved my dog''s collar today.  It is very nice and looks very well made.  It fits her well also.   Thank you, Vicky

Hi Maureen, Wanted to let you know that my sister did receive the tag collar a few weeks ago.  It is really beautiful and it looks so nice on Frasier.  Thanks again.  Your workmanship on the collar is just wonderful! Susan

Greetings Maureen, I received the necklace. It is absolutely gorgeous! I really love it. It looks very handsome on my brindle boy. Thank you so much!! Thanks again, Jennifer

Hi Maureen, I got Jabari''s collar today and I LOVE it!!! I am so pleasantly surprised at how soft it is!! I bought Riley a leather collar awhile ago and he could not wear it because it was so tough and uncomfortable. Jabari''s is awesome!!!!! Thanks again!! Lucy

Hi Maureen, The collars arrived today and they are gorgeous! The leather is just beautiful and the inner lining is so amazingly soft. And the workmanship and attention to detail is just amazing also. I had not seen them in person at Dewey, so it was nice to finally see them closeup. I also like the fact that the black band is glued down to the main band. I think it helps stabilize it and will keep it looking nice for a long time (rather than having the band loose and sliding around). I''ve seen collars with the bands not glued and I think they tend to curl up along the edges a little after extended wear.
Hi Maureen, I got the collars on Saturday and LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! They look just gorgeous on the boys, the colors match perfectly. :) I am REALLY thrilled with the collars and the necklaces, you guys do GREYT work! *grin* Hugs, Kelly and the crew

Maureen and Sean, Happy dances all around!!! The collars are absolutely beautifull! I love them! Harley was right up there trying to put her collar on (fits great!). She thinks she is a princess now. Merlin is still a bit scared of it (Big goofball!). You guys did a great, GREAT job on the collars! Thank you! Nancy

About a year ago I won a "Long Dog Collar" at auction. I emailed them to see if they would make it for Shadow my Dobie girl, and they agreed. I also ask if they could add a little Bling! which they did! WOW!!! the collar these folks made is "OUTSTANDING".....Shadow and I went to the Ice Fest here in our home town, last weekend and she just strutted her stuff, and left all these "hillbilly hounds" in the dust. (hillbilly hounds is a local joke, I live in a Lab, Jack Russell, Coon & Fox hound area, not many Dobies or Greys).... When I put this collar on her, she turns into "Miss Diva" ......Shadow was on top of her game that day with all the Doberman attitude, and working it perfectly! Her Long Dog Collar, new Ragamuffin coat, and The Doberman Diva attitude just blew the other dogs away........
I got Maverick's collar today and I love it!! I can't wait to put it on him!!! Thanks again! Carolyn

Sebau's collar came from LongDog and it is incredible!!! It is gorgeous and durable!! I still can't get over how beautiful it is and how incredibly soft the lining is....


Love, love the beaded necklace and tag bag. Getting compliments all over town!! luellyn and Copper


Hey there Maureen and Sean.. you have got one happy lil'camper over here!!! i just love the collars and the lead.. the lead is perfect length.... the collars are just perfect , perfect, perfect!! Did I mention Perfect!!!! Anyway, I have just wanted to let you know that they look great and what wonderful job you guys did!! I can see why everybody highly reccomends you!! Once again thanks and have a great day!!! Bernadine and Strider
Maureen's and Sean's collars are seriously some of the best I've ever come across. They're well-made, striking, durable collars that are unique. I love that mine are personalized too. LongDog collars look even better in person too. Two thumbs (and 8 paws) up.
Hi Maureen
the tagbags are perfect!
Thanks, Lee Livingood
I love Atlas' and Icarus' collars! They fit so well and are so sturdy, and very manly. DBF loves the manly part. We wear these ones when we go out on the town (ie: for meet and greets). I love having their names in such large print. Just amazingly beautiful!
Hi Maureen, I just received Ryley's beautiful new collar, it's absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again for doing such wonderful work Leann and Ryley
Hi Maureen, I received them today and they are beautiful! Thank you so much! I love them and they look fantastic on my dogs! Your craftmanship is exquisite. Thank you again! Sheila
I second LongDogLeather. Their tag bags hold up really well. Icarus has had his since March and it looks brand new! He wears it everyday!
Good Morning,  
We received Sing's new collar and it is wonderful! I'm showing it off to everyone.

Maureen, Thank you so much for the great leads. We got them today. We love them. They are better then I could imagine. I cant wait to be able to walk the girls around in their new leads. We will recommend you to all of our friends.
Thanks again Heidie

8 more paws up. We bought a few at Dewey this year...the Football one has been a big hit (GO EAGLES!). They are very well made and look great too!
Dear Maureen, Today I received the two collars I ordered from you. I was absolutley thrilled with the both of them. The quality of material and workmanship is fantastic and they both fit perfectly. Thank You So Very Much, Wayne
My wife and I just received the blue "zipper" pattern collar you made for our lab, Growlypants. The collar is wonderful, wide and soft, and looks like it is just the ticket for reducing the chafing around his neck. Thanks for a great product and great service!
Liberty''s new collar just arrived, and she loves it. It fits perfectly, and of course she wanted to put it on immediately and show her friends at the dog park. Needless to say, her friends and their masters are green with envy. I think they especially like the silver stars and matching rivets! Your color choice for the leather is perfect, and blends nicely with her coat. I am particularly impressed with your attention to detail. Super Job!!!
Hello Maureen, just wanted to email you a couple of pics of Oliver wearing his new collar. It is a handsome looking collar, and the more he wears it the more it is fittng him. We all love it, and Oliver now walks like he is the king of the nieborhood. Great job!!! It was worth the wait. thanx again Jim H.

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