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Hi! Welcome to LongDog Leather where we outfit your sighthounds in cool leather gear.

Some of the items we make include:

  • Leather wrap around tagbags
  • Leather bolo tag necklaces
  • Fully customized leather martingale collars
  • Leather leashes and extra long couplers or triplers
  • Leather gifts for people
  • Ready to wear leather martingale collars (custom sizing only)
  • Italian Greyhound or Whippet sized Collars
  • Buckle collars for other breeds
Always check back as we add to our merchandise list regularly.

We donate a portion of the proceeds of each collar to the Greyhound Health Initiative

LongDog Leather Works is a small family operation run in addition to our full time jobs and family life. Because of "real life" we find ourselves only having time on weekends to work on LDL. We take great pride in our custom hand made work but a quality product takes time. Please be advised that we will complete orders as quickly as possible.
Thanks, Maureen

We would like to thank all of our customers for their business. We are quite overwhelmed at the response we have had given that we have only been in business for a few years.  
We are pleased to announce we will be attending Greyhounds in Gettysburg in April, Grapehounds in New York in July, and Dewey in October.
Thank you and hope to see you at an event. Sean and Maureen

In the first six years that we have been in business LongDog Leather Works has donated over $5000 to Greyhound Welfare. In addition we have donated numerous collars, prints, tag bags and necklaces, bracelets, cash and other items to a variety of other adoption groups for fundraisers. We love supporting the greyhounds - it's why we started our business, but we cannot donate to every group that asks. What we have decided to do is to begin collecting the names of the groups that request donations and place them into a hat. Once every other month or so, we will randomly select a group that has requested donation items and send something to them.
Thanks for your support, Maureen and Sean

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