Ready to Wear Leather Martingale Collars

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Our ready to wear leather martingale collars are made from sturdy leather and are fully lined with soft, smooth deer hide which is both glued and stitched on.

These collars have a variety of studs, conchos, colors, straps and other unique designs. Pick the one you like and it will then be sized to fit your dog. See one you like but want different colors? Ask us, we may be able to accomodate your request (depends on availability of materials).

This page shows examples of styles we make.  For current, in stock and ready to ship collars, please visit our ETSY store for quick shipping. We use our ETSY store for discontinued styles as well as a sampling of current styles.  We do have more stock of current styles than is listed on ETSY though, so feel free to contact us if you don''t see one you like there and we can check to see what else we have in stock that is ready to ship.

Stunning Swarovski Sensations

These exclusive collars are available in all the latigo leathers and are adorned with genuine Swarovski rivets custom ordered from Austria!  The rivets go all the way through the leather for a secure attachment. The control loop for this collar can be custom sized for your dog or made as an adjustable loop. It''s very difficult to get a good picture to do justice to the absolute flash of these crystals.

For a truer color of the latigo leathers, see the image below of the control loops.  Also available but not pictured is yellow and mauve.

These collars are latigo and Swarovski crystal rivets $60

NEW!  Star Shaped Swarovski Crystal Rivets!

Placed on our super soft bullhide in the narrow, elegent style, these collars are 1.25 inches wide and taper at the ends down do a more delicate 0.75 inch wide control loop.  $65

Single Center Concho

New for Spring 2011!  Two Tone Single Center Concho collars.  These finish with the same color control loop as the bottom layer of latigo.

The available latigo (bottom) colors are purple, royal blue, light blue, jade, pink, red, dark green.

New! Bright Colored Bullhide with Conchos

We have some new leather in stock. This is a nice, soft, thick bullhide that is factory dyed in bright colors. For now we have a deep red, a hot turquoise, a popping purple, a soft gold, a smooth burgundy, a deep hunter green, a dark navy blue and a basic black. These are available either plain or with a single center concho. Except for the burgundy which has a matched color loop, these close with black connectors and control loops and are lined with velvety soft deer tanned cowhide. Available as either an adjustble martingale with a buckle closed control loop or custom fitted for your dog with a rivetted closed style. $38-$45.

Two new colors - apple green and brown.

NEW!  We have a limited run of pink in the soft bullhide now available.

We now have bullhide collars for small dogs!  These fit size 11-13 inches, are 1.75 inches at the middle and taper down to a 0.75 inch wide control loop.

Brand new for 2009 is factory dyed latigo and firm bullhide shown in 5/8 inch wide buckle tag collars.
Colors are red, burgundy, purple, avocado in firm bullhide; red (not shown) jade green, royal blue, yellow, orange and hot pink in latigo.

New collars for smaller dogs in lighter weight leathers.

These are 1.25 inches wide and taper at the edges to a 0.75 inch control loop.  These are sized for 12-15 inch necks.

Heavy Metal collars!

A combination of crystal rivets, spots, conchos and or spikes. $60



Our newest heavy metal style is our Doubles Line.

These collars feature two layers of leather, either a black base with a colored layer on top or, a colored layer on the bottom with a black layer on top.  These close with black control loops.  Also available is one of our firmer leather bottoms like the latigo. These close with the matching latigo loop.  The large ones are for the big boys and measure 2.5 inches wide and fit 15 - 18 inches.  Smaller doubles are 2 inches wide and fit 13 - 17 inches.


Carved and Stamped collars

These greyhound sized collars are made with two layers of leather. On the outside is a layer of firm leather with designs embossed, stamped or carved into it. The back layer is the velvety soft deer hide to protect those sensitive long necks. These collars are then either saturation dyed for color all the way to the bottom of the design or block dyed which lets the leather color (or a saturation dyed color) show through in the deepest part of the design.  This is an adjustable style martingale and will fit greys from about 13-18 inch necks. $45-$55

New: Tribal designs

This new design style is called Tribal Flames. $50

We have other new custom stamped designs available. $50 - $55

Two new designs - fluer di lis and triskel $50

The newest two designs - dragon and Anubis $50

Leather leashes and couplers

These leashes are made with a sturdy 8 oz black leather that has a very smooth finish. In fact it''s hard to tell the front from the back on them! All of the edges of the leather have been bevelled smooth. All the connections are triple riveted for strength. The O ring on the coupler is welded steel. The heavy swivel clip is two halves of a circle that have to open all the way before clipping on or off the collar. The coupler lengths shown below are each separate side so that a 36 inch one is 6 feet total and a 48 inch one is 8 feet total.

Leash prices

  • 24 inches - $15
  • 36 inches - $18
  • 48 inches - $21
  • 60 inches - $24
  • 72 inches - $27

Coupler prices (requires a leash to connect to the O ring)

  • 36 inches - $25
  • 48 inches - $30

If you purchase both a leash and coupler there is a $5 discount on the total.

 New in 2010 - Traffic handle leashes!  This six foot leash has a one foot traffic handle built in down at the clip.  Available in brown or black these are $35 

New for Spring 2011 - super soft twisted bullhide leashes!  These are butter soft leashes that are available in one or two colors.  All the bullhide and latigo colors are available.
2 foot $18
3 foot $26
4 foot $34
5 foot $42
6 foot $50


Bargain Bin Crystal Rivet collars

Bargain Bin crystal rivet collars. Red, Lavender, Burgandy, Pink, Brown, Black, Blue and Green. Available in Iggy, Whippet and Greyhound sizes $30-$40.

Most of these have been discontinued and are listed in our ETSY store.

New Colors!
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