Fully Customized Leather Martingale Collars

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Personalized collars with a bit of bling!

Our new rhinestone letter slides can be used to personalize your collar.
soft bargain bin leathers (red, pink, lavender, brown, blue, green, black) - $40 plus $2 per letter
thicker but soft bullhide leathers (red, turquoise, purple, gold, burgandy, black) - $45 plus $2 per letter

Now available in smaller 8mm chrome block letters for $40 or $45 plus $1 per letter

Our ready to wear leather martingale collars can be customized with your choice of color or conchos.

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Collar options

Measuring for your collar

The diagram shows the three places to measure your dog to ensure proper fit. Use a tape measure to circle the spots fairly closely.
A: the distance around the widest part of your dogs head (usually right in front of the ears). This is the smallest sized circle that you can squeeze on and off over the dogs head with their nose tilted up in the air.
B: the distance around the part of the neck where you want the collar to sit.
C: the distance around the base of the neck.

Collar closures

Collars have 3 (4 for iggys) options for closure.
1. riveted closed non-adjustable martingale
2. buckle close adjustable martingale
3. buckle close non martingale
4. snap close martingale (iggy''s only)

#1, the riveted closed is non adjustable and will be put on by pushing it over the dog''s head. We need measurements A and B for this style. This style has the least amount of hardware and will be the most streamlined.

#2 is the adjustable martingale. The control loop has a buckle closure and several holes making it adjustable (in half inch or so increments). To put it on, you open the buckle and either slip it over his head in a larger circle, or you can open it completely and re-thread it on if he doesn''t like stuff going over his head. See the green collar below for an example. For this style we need measurement B.

#3 is the buckle close non martingale style - also known as the European style. This one is completely adjustable (in half inch or so increments). For this style we need measurement B.

#4 is a non adjustable martingale that opens up to put on. It then snaps closed and tightens like a regular martingale when on leash. For this style we need measurement B. Snap close style is only for the little guys.

The three options for closure style are pictured below: the European buckle style collar (not a martingale), our new adjustable martingale and the riveted closed martingale

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