Leather Wrap Around TagBags

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We have listed all of our TagBags and their current available colors in our Etsy Store.



Safely silence those jingly tags with our leather wrap-around tag bags.

Your dog's tags fit inside a snug pocket and the pocket wraps around the doubled part of the martingale so that nothing hangs down to get snagged in a crate or other hazard. The tags themselves are attached to the collar hardware with our stylish lobster clasp. If there is enough room on an adjustable martingale, attach the bag to the adjustment part of the collar between the two layers so that it leaves the control loop free. Not enough room there? You can attach them on the control loop without interfering with the working of the leash. By attaching between the two layers of collar, the tagbag never touches the dogs neck so there is no irritation.

Tag bags are $11 and include either a brass (gold) or nickel (silver) tag clip.

Tag bags are sized according to the width of the collar. A tag bag for a two inch wide collar has a pocket that is approximately two inches square. A tag bag for a one and a half inch wide collar has a pocket that is approximately one and a quarter inches by two inches.

This series of pictures show how the tag bags fold close and attach to an adjustable martingale collar.

Also shown above (first red bag and the blue bags above) is our original product for a narrow collar - our hanging style tag bag. Although it doesn't have the safety feature of wrapping up out of the way, it is still a stylish way to silence jingling tags($9).

I have transitioned to a new stronger tag clip.

If you would like to purchase tag clips by themselves they are $2 each or 3 for $5. Now available - brass tag clips in the new style.

A new style of tag bag has just been designed that fits one inch wide martingales or the LongDog Leather martingales. Because it is not practical to have a one inch by two inch pocket, these bags have a one and a half inch by two inch pocket and a separate attached piece that wraps around the collar. These bags do stick out wider than the collar but the attachment piece wraps snuggly for a tight fit.

This is our new one inch tag bag. It has a separate wrap strap from the pocket so that it will fit around smaller collars.

This series of images shows how the new tag bag fits on a one inch wide martingale. Notice that the pocket is wider than the collar.

And here is the new tag bag attached to a LongDog Leather martingale collar. On these collars, the tag bag is designed to fit onto the control loop.

Check for availability of colors. We buy small lots of scrap upholstry leather and may not be able to get certain colors when we run out.

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